Partner programs

“Great results come from strong partnerships”

The App Development Company has been one of the leading mobile application design and development company since the last 7 Years. This has been a result of continuous innovation and evolution of our technology, processes and team. With our strong team and Infrastructure, we have worked with clients from over 40 countries and have great partner relations all across the globe.

A partnership model for every opportunity

We have a partnership program for any possible opportunity. There can be a number of ways in which we can collaborate. You can take our established name to your local market and even start a business withing a few a days and no investment!


Private Label Partnership

This partnership is for teams who already have a great sales team or an established brand but lack the expertise of mobile app development.

partner with usThe program is best suited for teams who want to expand into Mobile App Development and are looking for a team which can handle all the development work. All the billing will be done in your name and we would remain anonymous for the entire process. Communication would be handled by you and the product development would be our responsibility. Closing the sale and finalising the quotation would be all done by you but we can definitely help you out in finding how much it should cost as per market rates. You don’t just get a decent share of the project’s cost but get to retain the client account as well. We, in this case, would just be an extended team which you would be outsourcing to.


Franchise Partnership

You take our name and use it to create sales opportunities in your local area or network. Just as the name suggests.

The App Development company (TADC) is an established brand. We have gained a very strong momentum in the past 7 years of development. Our strong portfolio, client references and track record stands very high. We have a strong development team that has a proven track record. You can take all this into your local market and create leads/opportunities in our name. This is best suited for small teams that are looking to start a venture but don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Many of our partners are designers, individual developers and consultants. We won’t just work as the outsourcing partner but would also provide you strong support throughout the sales cycle.

Referral Partnership

You already have a lead and you refer it to us. If it converts, we share the profits with you.

The partnership is best suited for individuals, consultants who have a very strong professional network and often get some mature leads through their networks. You just need to share the leads with us and we would take care of the client account. You would get a share in the profit from the client and all this would be totally confidential. For this program, it is not important that you come from a technical or non-technical background. All that is important is that you must have strong leads.


Strategic Alliance

This is suited for teams that are looking for cross marketing of the services. You market us and we market you.

You might be having some specific service that can be utilised in the app development r marketing arena. If you have something that can complement our services, we would definitely like to form a strategic alliance with your team. It can also mean that you have some particular service that our services complement to. For example, you might be a Graphic designing company and our services complement to yours. Or you can be a test reporting service provider and your services can complement us. We can share and extend
our services that way and deliver more value to our clients.

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