December 19, 2016

App Design Services

Through App Design Services and development of a prototype, you can reduce your development cost, time and hassles by more than 50%! Read further to know how.

Benefits of using App Design services and getting a prototype developed before development:

  • It’s easy and cheaper to make changes to user journey in prototyping stage rather than development stage.
  • Prototype gives a clear understanding to the developer who can now plan better. This makes the app secure, bug-free and also decreases development time and cost.
  • You can show the prototype and start pitching it the investors as they can check out the entire user journey and what your app is about. This increases your chances of getting seed funded.

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How The App Development Company works (App Prototype/ App UX Design/ App Design process):

  • A Business analyst discusses all the requirements with you. He suggests a few possible enhancements to the app in terms of features, usability and user journey.
  • Once the flow is finalised, the Business analyst creates an FRD (Flow Requirement Document, which really helps in development phase). Once you approve that the FRD is correct and that’s how you would like the app to work, we move to the next step.
  • The next step is to select the colour scheme of the app. This depends on a lot of things such as your existing brand perception, your competition, the kind of product that we are building etc.
  • Now the graphic designer starts developing the graphics with the help of Business analyst and UX engineer.
  • The graphics are shared with you in form of a prototype which you can use like an actual app! You can check out screens and share your comments.
  • Once you find that this is exactly what is needs, the prototype is delivered to you. You can now go on to the Mobile app Development Phase.

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Here is how it looks like: