Internet of Things

Internet of Things The term “Internet of things” is now becoming one of the most discussed topics. Well, it is a notion that has a lot of capabilities to drive the things around us. But what is this “Internet of things” and why it is important for you or your business, well let’s find out.

Let’s start with the basics

The mobile phone you own or the computer on which you are probably reading this article right now is connected to the internet. The Internet is the backbone of all the things around us. Whether it is our smartphone, television, watch and even the cars are having capabilities to connect to the internet. “Yeah I know my smartphone and watch can connect to the internet so wants the big deal ?”


Now, let’s dig deeper into this

The devices we use are connected to the internet. These chips can bring data and information to our devices and vice a verse. So what happens is, these devices communicate with each other to share the user data. This interlinking helps the companies to build a solution on top of it. This is the reason why we are trying to connect all devices around us to the internet.

Yeah, I know it is a bit confusing. so let me put it this way. Imagine how nice it would be if your refrigerator could order groceries for you. Or how convenient it would be if your smartphone could book a cab ride based on your calendar appointments and timing. This is possible when our smart devices communicate with each other via the internet. So don’t be surprised when in near future could your smart toothbrush would book an appointment to the dentist because you were having a cavity in your teeth. 🙂

So what’s in for me?

Internet of things mobile app development can be a good solution for many business needs. IoT applications can collect precise data on a very larger scale. This data can be a source of automation and more user-oriented solutions. IoT has just begun, it is expected that by 2020 we would be having 200 billion devices connected to the internet ( That is a whopping figure).

Business can leverage this in many ways

– Behaviour Tracking

By tracking the user behaviour flows customised solutions can be created. For instance, with the use of Bluetooth sensors, we can push discounts and deals to the users based on, which products he picked up at the store and didn’t buy it. This would help in increasing sales and bring more business.

– Deep Analytics

With the help of sensors and IoT mobile apps, we can capture data which will be used to build future solutions for the clients and customers. This would help in creating more target solutions.

– Process automation

Before the launch or in the initial stages surveys are conducted to check the user preferences and demands. This is a very tedious and bulky process, mostly done in person. This can be fully automated and more precise data can be captured.

Our team at TDAC have been working on Internet of things solutions for a long time. We are helping our clients to work with high efficiency using custom internet of things solutions. If you want to know more about our Internet of things application solution please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to discuss with you.

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