outsourcing fails

3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Fail

Only people really interested in Outsourcing should read this article. There can only be two reasons for reading this: One, you want to try outsourcing but don’t want to fail. Second, you have outsourced in past and do not want to repeat your failure. Do not worry; you contribute to more than 85% of the Read more about 3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Fail[…]

planning app development

3 Mistakes: Planning Mobile App Development

Are you a first generation Entrepreneur? Trying to get your first mobile app developed? In my 10 years of development experience, I have seen a pattern in “why most mobile app products fail”. Here are 3 Mistakes an Entrepreneur makes in planning mobile app developmentĀ for his first app. How to avoid them? I am writing Read more about 3 Mistakes: Planning Mobile App Development[…]