December 19, 2016

Mobile App Development

App Development – Arguably the vaguest phrase out there in the market.

Mobile app developmentFrom college students to Fortune 500 companies there is an ocean of development options that one can choose from to get their app developed. So what makes “The App Development Company” a pearl in this ocean? Well, our laser focus on a particular client type called Entrepreneurs.

We understand what kind of risk is associated with their deadlines and the loss of business an unstable app can cause.

Having worked with clients from over 40 countries including big names such as Grey Group Singapore, News Nation and Urban Health Initiative. Also, we understand the budgetary constraints an Entrepreneur faces while getting his business started. So we have developed a DNA of working with them and nothings tastes better than “success” once their apps start bearing results.

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Android App Development:

With an experience of more than 10 years, our app development team has been instrumental in developing some of the most complicated apps possible. We have worked on Chatting app, Social networking app, Party Manager apps, eCommerce android apps, VOIP Calling app. Our Developers feel really excited as soon as they see any project based on XMPP, SIP, RTSP, LDAP, OPENSIP etc. We have build custom ROMs for android and are fond of google’s design philosophy.

iOS App Development:

Probably the most expensive corner in our office where our 10 iOS developers sit with their Macs, iPads, iPhones to test apps that they build for clients all across the globe. We even have one developer dedicated for uploading apps to the app store; as that in itself has to be taken care of since the beginning. We use universal layouts so that your app is compatible with not just iPhones but also with iPad. What we find great about developing iOS apps is its language. The native C#. Offcourse all the coding is done as per the latest XCODE and iOS versions. We have built iOS apps for some great clients including Manipal Hospitals, News Nation etc.

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Wearable Devices

Wearable technology is the future. We have worked on Android watch and iWatch as well. We have extensively worked on iWatch including on sensors like Hear rate monitor, GPS etc.

Augmented Reality

Google cardboard has put Augmented Reality in the hands of everyone. We have developed apps based on Google Cardboard platform some of them include target shooting, 360-degree media player etc.

Here are some of our recent apps:

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