Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

It took about 75 years for the telephone to connect 50 million people, television took 13 years.

“Draw something app” reached 50 million users in just 35 days.

Mobile is the real estate of this century. Your investment deserves someone who can get it ROIed.

With a rating of 98% from clients for over 250 applications, we have been the top choice for mobile application development for clients across 40 countries. A majority of our clients are either young entrepreneurs and Small-Medium Businesses. Apart from startups, we have also worked with UHI (Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and some of the top media and advertising houses including News Nation and Grey Group Singapore.

For Startups:

The Challange

So you have just figured out a Gap out there in some particular industry, right? And you are really excited about your next/first startup idea! Well, we have found in ours. There is a difference between “a Project” and “a Product” and we happen to fill the Gap.

How we can help

Mobile App Development for StartupsWe understand what Startups need and how they think. We are the bridge which takes your “project” in and develops a “product” out of it. While most are busy in a how a “feature” should work or cost, we understand the business side of it. Our Technical team lead works as a virtual CTO for you and makes sure that you have a great idea of how things are going to work. Our Business Analyst works with Startups to figure out what works and what not. He helps build the user journey and the business side of it. It’s not just about understanding C++ or Java with Startups but their ideology. We have worked with Startups all across the globe. Click here to know how The App Development team can help with your next mobile app development project.

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For SMEs:

The Challenge

So you have already got a good decent market. Now, you want to put a “sales person” in every mobile phone. You want him to multiply your sales team virtually and generate revenues that could not be achieved even by spending 50 times more in the old, “brick and mortar” way.

How we can help

You might be looking to take your eCommerce store or Travel business to where the users are, ie. their mobile devices. Maybe you already have a good local business and want to make it more efficient using booking or delivery management apps. We have helped dozens of businesses run in a smart, efficient and scalable way using groundbreaking mobile app development and marketing strategies.

There can be two reasons for which you might want to talk to us. Either you already have an idea of how to make your business reach to the next level. Both in terms of revenues and efficiencies. Or you simply have no idea and just want us to get back to you and recommend a few ways which have helped a lot of people scale their businesses already. In both the cases, simply click here and we would get back to you. Simply no obligations on a free consultation and cost estimation for your business to scale up!

For Enterprises:

The Challenge

Mobile App Development for EnterprisesReaching the top takes a lot of hard work and efforts but staying at the top takes continuous evolution in technology and processes. It might be easy for a small business to hire a small team and get the project started but for the Enterprises it is really very critical. Data, code security, Reliability and uptime lies in the centre of any enterprise-grade solution and The App development company not just understands it but implements it as per its compliances.

How we can help

We have worked with News Nation (one of the top 5 New channels in India), Grey group Singapore, Urban health Initiative and a lot of other enterprises and Giants where we have handled huge databases, customer data etc. Our processes in Business Analysis and Project Management have been the centrepiece of the flawless execution we have been able to attain with these brands. Want to know how we can collaborate? Click here and we would get back to you in no time!

Our Mobile App Development Services

With a team of Native App Developers, The App Development Company has been able to create its own benchmarks for iOS, Android and wearable App Development.


iPhone/iPad app Development

iPhone app development

Probably the most expensive corner in our office where our 10 iOS developers sit with their Macs, iPads, iPhones to test apps that they build for clients all across the globe. We even have one developer dedicated for uploading apps to the app store; as that in itself has to be taken care of since the beginning. We use universal layouts so that your app is compatible with not just iPhones but also with iPad. What we find great about developing iOS apps is its language. The native C#. Offcourse all the coding is done as per the latest XCODE and iOS versions. We have built iOS apps for some great clients including Manipal Hospitals, News Nation etc.

Thinking about how much it would cost? Click here to get a free quote!

iPhone is probably the world’s favourite phone and you might have a good market amongst iPhone users. When you want do develop and iPhone app, you have to meet the design of the iPhone itself. You don’t want your app an Alien to the iPhone planet. You want a team that has a total control on iPhones components and expertise on creating awesome designs for iPhones. Our iOS Mobile app development team not only has people with great Objective-C and XCode knowledge but a great understanding of product driven development. It’s really very crucial that your app remains future proof as iOS has been changing a lot of this recently. We have a separate research Lab for all the experiments with technology that keep us ahead of the curve.


Android app Development

Android app developmentSo you want to harness the most popular Mobile OS for your next project. There are a few things that are really important while going for your next Android App Project. Not everyone is using the stock Android and you don’t want your app to just support the default OS. Our team comprises not just great Android designers and developers but smart testers who would test your app on all the popular Android versions be in OxygenOS (ONEPLUS devices) or MIUI (For Xiaomi Phones). If you need a mobile app development company which can be an end to end solution for your next project. You simply must click here, we are that sure!

With an experience of more than 10 years, our app development team has been instrumental in developing some of the most complicated apps possible. We have worked on Chatting app, Social networking app, Party Manager apps, eCommerce android apps, VOIP Calling app. Our Developers feel really excited as soon as they see any project based on XMPP, SIP, RTSP, LDAP, OPENSIP etc. We have build custom ROMs for android and are fond of google’s design philosophy.



App for wearable mobile app developmentToday apps are not just tied to mobile phones, they can be found on watches, Glasses, Biometric devices and what not. Your next health app or smart product may want to use Apple Watch’s’ hear-rate monitor and bring changes to our daily lives. With a team that has created custom Android operating Systems, we are here to help you with your next app for wearable devices. Be it Apple watch, Android watch, Google cardboard, or Google glasses, if you have an idea, click here to know how we can collaborate.

Our Apps:



Here is what our clients are saying about us:

Thank you for all your brilliant and very hard work. I know its hard building a website with the clients demands and expectations and things do not always go smoothly but we are really pleased with the work you are doing so thank you- Chloe A, UK

These people are just brilliant, So professional and very welled skilled (Technical as well as communication skills). Dipanshu is just so awesome in his work, a great example of professionalism. I am very satisfied and happy with their work.Will surely hire them in future – Rajat, India

Nothing beats a team that works to realise a solution to the problem one is trying to solve. I’m growing confident in seeing my projects go live steadily. – Ifeanyi, London, GB

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